Sunday, April 13, 2008


I read Emily's blog and thought this was a good idea... Weekend update! On Friday after work, I came home to find a messy house.. oh wait it has been like that for a while! I have been getting ready to do a yard sale and with the weather on Friday I decided that I would wait a bit to do it. I have been cleaning my house and trying to get things together.. I have piles and piles of clothes that no longer fit the kids, and toys galore! Does anyone else feel that they can sit and clean and clean you walk out of the room to clean another and come back and it is a mess again? My word, what is up with kids these days! I am going to make them put all their toys in their room and that is the only place that they can play! So on Saturday, I was woke up by two little kids saying Mommy go outside and play and lets watch 'cars'. I got up and realized it was going to be an amazing day! I called my mom and dad and asked they would bring me down the lawn mower so that I could mow the lawn. (man, you really do take for granted having a husband.. I wish someone would come and do this for me weekly!!) I went out to mow the lawn and here come the kids in mismatch socks, and winter coats. I started laughing.. not only were they wearing coats but they both had shorts on! (only in Utah will you see this!) Oakley brought out his bubble lawn mower and started mowing the lawn that I had just done. He is so cute.

Since the weather was being good to me, I decided to take a run to the dump and get rid of some garbage that was piling up. I called my dad and asked him if he would bring me a wheel barrel so that I could move the remainder of the rocks that were delivered to my house and put them in my driveway.. again where was a man! I have not worked so hard in one day.. not only outside, but I cleaned my house again! and again! But it was nice to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun! We even got a little red!

Today, we got up and went to church. It felt like we were new to the ward again! We have not been to our church in over a month.. Crazy.... I have some of the funniest kids! Oakley was eating fruit snacks during sacrament meeting and dropped one. He looked at the guy behind us and said 'get it'. The guy looked and him and then to the ground and back to his book. Oakley let out a sigh got off the bench, walked around picked it up showed the guy and put it in his mouth then walked around and sighed again. (in his mind he thought that the guy was crazy because he did not pick it up and listen to him!) The guy behind us looked at the ground again, then back to his book!

When we got home it was nap time.. Oakley would not go to sleep for the life of me.. I was tired and sore from yesterday and Harley was already asleep. He wanted to wrestle.. man was I wore out. I had hamburger thawing out so that we could make a good dinner. Harley woke up and wanted a bowl of cereal before we ate. I let them eat a bowl and while Oakley was eating he fell asleep. Here are some pictures of him. It was so cute, He was even feeding himself while asleep and would not let go of the spoon!

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The Smiths said...

Awww - You have the cutest kids ever - Maybe since we're related, mine might have the chance to be half as cute! I miss the little buggers! Hopefully we'll have a get-together soon.

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