Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Then and Now!

I was looking through pictures of the kids, and since it is Christmas time.. Here is a picture of Oakley a year ago! Oh, my look at my tank now! I can not believe how much he has changed.. But what a cutie he is!

Here is one of him NOW!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Things that make ME smile=)

So, since today was a very SLOW day.... I decided to get a topic out of the bucket and blog about it... and yes.. it was THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE!

Where do I start? I could go on and on about this.. So here GOES......

Harley and Oakley-
who would not smile if they had these kids!
They make my day and I smile constantly
when with them.. even if they are being little
stinkers and getting up on chairs and
sneaking candy!

Chris-need i say more?

Family-I love my family, not only my close family
but the ones that do live far away and
I only get to see every once in a while..
maybe once a year... Thats the best..

Snow-Yes, It does make me smile.
I love to be like a little kid and go
have tons of fun playing in it.. I can not
wait to take the kids out when it
snows really good and build a SNOWMAN!

Sun-again.. need i say more?

My Birthday-oh yeah, its in NOVEMBER! (lol)

Jewlery-isn't this a girls best friend?
How would I live if I did not have
this in my life, to spice things up!?

new shoes-maybe not just shoes but FLIP FLOPS

My car-where would I go?

Pepsi-can't live with it ....
can NOT live without it...(same as a man right?)

Football-Yes, It does make me smile.. happy days..

Softball-So I need to find someone that wants to play..
womens.. that will make me smile!

Christmas-only part of it makes me smile..
the preparing NO.. the aftermath yes!

Valentines day-can not wait.. this is actually my FAVORITE HOLIDAY.. even
though I have never received anything.....

Saturdays-Day off work! woohoo!

being called a good MOM-isn't it GRRREAT!

someone doing the little things- Little things, like saying I LOVE YOU,
a kiss on the cheek, a hug, you know.. the little things!

a NICE letter in the mail-NO BILLS PLEASE!

Flowers-any kind.... I will take em!

a good nights sleep

pictures-to look at and see what fun times
i have had and remember the memories

Freedom- Why would I not want to be FREE?

sitting and watching a good movie-
with the one I love... and enjoying
the night.. CHEAP DATE!

a clean house-wouldn't this make
me smile like NO OTHER!

knowing I am single and can manage!-
this is knowing that I can survive
and raise two beautiful kids without
the help of a man.. Wait.. that would be
to go home and see the
little KIDLINGS! and keep

boom, bang, kazam!

Today at work, we.. Jazmine and I were on the phone and all of a sudden we see this 'something' fly through the air and then hear a POP. We both looked at each other thinking that Customer Support was throwing stuff at us.. (which they do alot) So, Jazmine gets up and starts laughing.. It seriously sounded like someone had shot something.. Here are some pictures of what really happened.!~(yes it happens alot.. we have the craziest fridge ever.. either it freezes stuff or does not get them cold!)

***Notice... It went everywhere... even openened the door on the fridge!***
And I thought I worked at a fullfillment company NOT a cleaning service!~

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Most Wonderful time of the YEAR??

So this post is from one of the blogs that I read daily thanks to Jazmine! Sheena the author of this blog is one of Jazmines friends. She does some amazing posts! I seriously could not stop laughing when reading this.. Best wishes to all the workers in Customer Service.. Glad it is you and not me!

I was at my bi-weekly (this time of year sometimes tri-weekly) trip to my happy place, aka Target. But unfortunatley this trip ended on a not so happy note.

Before we get started here, may I please ask, what is it about this special, magical time of year that make people so grouchy/mean/horrible/down right ugly/insert your own adjective here?

I listened as the very new, very young cashier explained to the customer in front of me that this was his first day-and he kind of made a joke of it. She (the customer--we'll call her Sally) was not joking around here.

Tight lipped and veins bulging out of her forehead, she said "I'm in a hurry today."

Now I have a special place in my heart for Target cashiers, be it that I was once one myself. I felt for him as he tried to hurry and not make any mistakes.

Sally inserted her card, and thought she had paid. At the end of the transaction, the young nervous, broken out in a cold sweat, very new cashier said "how will you be paying today?"

"(explicits) I already thwiped my card!!!"

"excuse me?"

I THWIPED it!! I already THWIPED my card--and now it'th back in my purth!!"

Yes that's right, Sally, along with anger management issues, had a very bad lisp.

**disclaimer. it's not nice to make fun of people. normally I wouldn't make fun of someone with some sort of speech disorder. But, she crossed the line here with my friendly Target cashier, and should have known it would somehow come back to haunt her.**

Sally was out of control. She'd obviously had a bad day/week/life. Within only seconds she was yelling at Target Timmy.


In the middle of her fit of rage, her son was getting a little restless.

"Carthon!!! Thit down!!! CARTHON!!!"

(please know that at this point, I was thtarring, I mean starring forward, eyes meeting no one (becasue half the store was starring at register 7) red faced, ears burning and REALLY trying hard not to even crack the slightest smile. )

The supervisor came over. Target Timmy was almost in tears. "I need help."


"I'm sorry ma'm, we'll have to have you swipe your card again, or pay by another method."

"THIS IS RIDICULOUTH. (explicit explicit, lispy explicit) I AM IN A HURRY AND JUTH WANT TO LEAVE. CAAAARTHON!!! THALLY THOLD THEATHELLS DOWN BY THE THEATHORE!!" (ok well she might as well have. I really couldn't understand a word she was saying. It really was embarrassing for everyone.

After minutes of yelling at anyone who would look her way, Sally pulled out her card and payed again. It took seconds. Why hadn't she just done this in the first place?? Why are people so angry?

Let this be a lesson to you all. Before you take out your anger on the innocent little Target Cashier, take a look at who's around you. If it's some little girl with a cart load of happiness and two little kids--she may be planning her next blog around you--so watch what you say.

No one messes with my Target friends.

Thorry Thally, but Merry Christmas.


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Harley was playing in her room the other day, and she got out the boots.. Well Oakley is on this kick with 'shoos'. He saw the red boots and wanted to put them on.. Yes they are a little big for him, so I tried to get him dressed and he wanted nothing to do with the clothes, he just wanted the boots on. I put them on him and Harley went and got the red hat to match! He was in Heaven! (then he found a stupid binkie... hate those!) I could not resist taking a picture of him..

CoWbOy OaK!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Year's Resolutions.....

Oh, Man.. this topic once again! This is one thing that I am going to try and stick to.. Here are some of mine....

1.) Loose weight.. Get skinny so I can actually look good in a swimsuit and be able to go to the pool with the kidlings!

2.) Stop Drinking pop. That means.... No caffeine, No carbonation and absolutely NO PEPSI... (dang!)

3.) Read the Book of Mormon all the way through.. (I can honestly say, I have never read it all the way through)

4.) Smile everyday! (you know... everyone smiles, some of us just forgot to tell our faces!)

5.) Become a better person... that means, be nice to everyone.. and no VERBAL VOMIT!

6.) Go to Church with my kids.. and the weeks that they are gone by myself.. EVERY WEEK!

7.) Go on at least ONE vacation... I was talking to Anita last night and I seriously have not been on a
REAL vacation since my SOPHOMORE year.. and that was to Disneyland!

8.) Make new friends!

9.) SAVE Money! thats a toughy.. especially when you are single and all your money goes to bills!

10.) Be Myself!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family Home Evening

We have Family Home evening every Monday night at my mom and dads house. This week because Christmas is just around the corner, we decided that we would make Gingerbread houses.

I never knew how competitive Trent and Emily really were!

It was so funny to see them critique each others houses. Trent being the brick mason, had to make sure that everything was PERFECT! Emily was making fun of him because he had put beams in his house that that it would not fall down... Trent was making fun of Emily because she made a Snowman and it had a perfect face..(out of candy sprinkles.. one each for the eyes and mouth!) Very time consuming for the both!

Harley, I don't know exactly what she was trying to build.. but it looked like a bunch of walls! then she just piled them on top of each other. I think that I had ENOUGH candy for the whole year last night.. My gosh, am I on a Sugar high today! There is not a picture of my house on here.. as you can tell! I was SOO sick of making them that I hurried and through together a house and sat and watched. Oakley decided that he would eat all the candy off of my house! I was not paying attention and looked down and my windows were gone! Next thing you know.. Oakley was eating them! What a little stinker! Here are some pictures that I took with my phone so they may not be that good!

Oakley and Erika decided that they would rather play with Hunter and Dora! and then still some candy and go back to playing...

Here is a picture of everyone..

I started to let Oakley sit in the high chair and just pretend like he was making a house. Well a house he made in his stomach! But how could you resist that cute face!

This is Harley's so called house.. or bundle of wood! But what am I to say.. She was way proud of it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday Night!

What a day! I could not tell you how bad I was ready to go out! I had been to see Santa with the kids and work, finish making a gingerbread house, That yes.. I did TWICE.. Let me tell you how excited I am for making another one tonight for FHE! (haha, lets laugh... I'm NOT!)

And trying to drive in SNOW... Why do I live in UTAH when I really dislike the white wet mess... (oh wait.. its because i have the most amazing family that lives here and what would i do with out them...)

Back to my topic...

I went out on Saturday night. It was so FUN... The people that escorted me throughout the night were SARAH... played softball with her in orem, and cant wait for the good times to come this next year for womens and coed! Yippee... =) Keith, he is this cool guy that I did meet online.. yes I said online.. We talked for a bit then this AWESOME guy named Chris, decided he should hit me up and talk to me.... Then there was Chris... He is amazing.. What is it with talking to these AWESOME guys online and then meeting them in person, and feel like you are on the top of the WORLD... Yes, Chris I met online too.. We totally hit it off and on Friday he decided to drive up from NO MANS LAND aka Moab and visit me..

Saturday was snowing like no other, If you ask Chris he will tell you he had 24 inches of snow.. and really it was like 4 inches! on his truck... It was a blizzard.. Wait... did I tell you that these guys, decided to drive up to GOD'S COUNTRY without coats!

Anyways, So we.. Sara and I meet up with them, in the snow, and try to decide what to do.. *Word from the now wise!* Make sure you have an idea of where you are going and what you really plan on doing when trying to find something to do in the SNOW!.... We get on the road and just start talking.. about everything.. okay. Chris, Sara and I were talking.. I have no idea if Keith really knows how to talk! sorry man!...

Temple Square.. Chris and I had talked about going to Temple Square and looking at the lights one of these times that he comes up this way.. So we head that way.... after driving around for parking.. for 20 minutes and going into underground parking and parking spots that expire within two hours.... We finally found one.. Yes we had to pay.. Question..... Why do you have to pay for parking in a stupid lot.. that is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard! Then.. because it was not snowing .. no one but Sara took a coat with them.... I had a big huge sweater, gloves and a scarf.. but the guys.. I think that they had to be MACHO.. and wear nothing.. Yes, I did bring them coats to wear so they would not freeze...

While walking around Temple Square, which Keith had never been to... It was amazing.. Just the view of the temple and walking through the visitors center.. it was seriously Precious! I know I am cheesy... but really.. It would have been better if they would have actually turned on the lights. not just the little trees but everything. I remember going at night and being able to see all the trees lit up.. what is it... we are trying to conserve energy? Really.....

Then to dinner it was.. another thing, trying to figure out... Then you had to decide if you wanted to find another parking spot or walk miles! So we drove to the OTHER end of the county and went to Texas Roadhouse.... Love that place! and if it was not for the Amazing Tiffany, we would have got there and waited for 2 hours to get in... but see some of us love the place and have the number in our phone.. for call ahead seating...

And then to a movie... Oh, wait.... Have you ever tried to find the HOT item 3 weeks before Christmas... I recommend you don't! that is another story that I can bore you with! Movie time.. I have not been to a theater in the longest time... I do recommend going to this show.. Yes it was good... it is not a chick flick so if that is what you want.. NADA!
Hitman.. it was Spectacular! all I have to say is see it! (some may want to wait until it gets to the edited version!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Wish Lists!

Harley's List..
I asked Harley what she wanted for Christmas and she keeps on telling me that she wants a Pink Camera, a pretty necklace and ring. When asked what a pretty necklace and ring were she was like 'Duh, a Diamond necklace and ring' Okay I know that my child likes expensive things... Then she wants a wedding dress to play dress up in.

Oakley's List...
What do 18 month old little boys want.. the only thing that he will say is Shoes and Ball! that helps huh!

Mom's List...
What I want for Christmas.. New boots! I would also love a new camera. but that is just what I am wishing for! I just want to be happy and remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Does your Room mate dance like this?

***Remember turn off my music before playing!***

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