Friday, December 14, 2007

Things that make ME smile=)

So, since today was a very SLOW day.... I decided to get a topic out of the bucket and blog about it... and yes.. it was THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE!

Where do I start? I could go on and on about this.. So here GOES......

Harley and Oakley-
who would not smile if they had these kids!
They make my day and I smile constantly
when with them.. even if they are being little
stinkers and getting up on chairs and
sneaking candy!

Chris-need i say more?

Family-I love my family, not only my close family
but the ones that do live far away and
I only get to see every once in a while..
maybe once a year... Thats the best..

Snow-Yes, It does make me smile.
I love to be like a little kid and go
have tons of fun playing in it.. I can not
wait to take the kids out when it
snows really good and build a SNOWMAN!

Sun-again.. need i say more?

My Birthday-oh yeah, its in NOVEMBER! (lol)

Jewlery-isn't this a girls best friend?
How would I live if I did not have
this in my life, to spice things up!?

new shoes-maybe not just shoes but FLIP FLOPS

My car-where would I go?

Pepsi-can't live with it ....
can NOT live without it...(same as a man right?)

Football-Yes, It does make me smile.. happy days..

Softball-So I need to find someone that wants to play..
womens.. that will make me smile!

Christmas-only part of it makes me smile..
the preparing NO.. the aftermath yes!

Valentines day-can not wait.. this is actually my FAVORITE HOLIDAY.. even
though I have never received anything.....

Saturdays-Day off work! woohoo!

being called a good MOM-isn't it GRRREAT!

someone doing the little things- Little things, like saying I LOVE YOU,
a kiss on the cheek, a hug, you know.. the little things!

a NICE letter in the mail-NO BILLS PLEASE!

Flowers-any kind.... I will take em!

a good nights sleep

pictures-to look at and see what fun times
i have had and remember the memories

Freedom- Why would I not want to be FREE?

sitting and watching a good movie-
with the one I love... and enjoying
the night.. CHEAP DATE!

a clean house-wouldn't this make
me smile like NO OTHER!

knowing I am single and can manage!-
this is knowing that I can survive
and raise two beautiful kids without
the help of a man.. Wait.. that would be
to go home and see the
little KIDLINGS! and keep

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