Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Year's Resolutions.....

Oh, Man.. this topic once again! This is one thing that I am going to try and stick to.. Here are some of mine....

1.) Loose weight.. Get skinny so I can actually look good in a swimsuit and be able to go to the pool with the kidlings!

2.) Stop Drinking pop. That means.... No caffeine, No carbonation and absolutely NO PEPSI... (dang!)

3.) Read the Book of Mormon all the way through.. (I can honestly say, I have never read it all the way through)

4.) Smile everyday! (you know... everyone smiles, some of us just forgot to tell our faces!)

5.) Become a better person... that means, be nice to everyone.. and no VERBAL VOMIT!

6.) Go to Church with my kids.. and the weeks that they are gone by myself.. EVERY WEEK!

7.) Go on at least ONE vacation... I was talking to Anita last night and I seriously have not been on a
REAL vacation since my SOPHOMORE year.. and that was to Disneyland!

8.) Make new friends!

9.) SAVE Money! thats a toughy.. especially when you are single and all your money goes to bills!

10.) Be Myself!

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