Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yes the Decorating has started. I have been wanting to make a Book Wreath for a long time now, and finally sat down and did it.. It was fun to have Harley helping me rip out pages. Who would have thought that ripping pages out of books, when you have been told your whole life to not do it, was so much fun!? So this is my first of many projects for the new house! Enjoy!

I love to see the Temple...

I'll go inside someday...

Oh yeah! That day was July 21, 2011. On that day, I chose to go and take my endowments out. I can not express in words how Thankful I am for my Family, examples in my life, and my Husband. With out their support I would not be where I am today. I am so thankful for having the Gospel in my life and temples so close to my house that I can go to.

Fiesta Days 2011

The kids got to participate in the Children's Parade this year. Every year they are at their dads house on the weekend before Fiesta Days, so they dont get to participate. They were so excited to be able to walk in the parade with our new ward. The theme this year for Fiesta Days was the Place 2 Be. In our ward they chose to have their place to be as the Beach, so they all go to go in their swimming suits and pretend to be on a beach! Here are the kids after the parade.

Here is Brighton during the Children's Parade. He loves his stroller and being able to watch what is going on! Check out the sideways hat! (he moves it to that position!)
Every year we go and watch the Parade. This year Mom and Dad were incharge of the Parade. It was not the same with them not sitting by us. Not only them, but Trent and Tyson were helping with the line up at the top of the street, Emily had to work, Erika and Lexi where in California with their Nanny and Papa Smith, and Adam had to work. So it was just us and a couple of our cousins. Here are the kids with their NEW flag shirts.. (thanks to procrastination I finished them minutes before we had to leave for the parade!) Didnt they turn out so cute!
This is what happens when there is a Parade going on during nap time! Brighton was getting sleepy and didn't want to lay down. Who would when there is so much going on!? Next thing I know, he was asleep sitting in my lap! What a stinker!

Muttin Bustin 2011

This year during the Rodeo, Oakley and Erika were old enough ride the sheep. They have been talking it up for weeks and were so excited to go! In Spanish Fork, you can ride the sheep at age 5. They do Pre-Rodeo and Rodeo. This year they were in Pre-Rodeo. Hopefully next year they will be able to ride in the show! Erika was first to ride and was a little scared.. Okay she cried, but she was a trooper and rode anyways. Oakley did a really good job, once off the sheep he was supposed to stand and wave his hat, but did it sitting down! Kyler, Oakleys friend from our old ward, rode it backwards, fell off face first into the dirt and did a good job as well! Congrats to the Muttin Bustin-ers! You did good! Here are a few pictures of the three!




Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2010 Flag Burning Ceremony

Every year Sp. Fork has a flag burning ceremony put on by the city council and the area 'Service Men'.. We went as a family and let me tell you .... It was AmAzInG... I have been the last couple years and for some reason tonight was way different... Oh that is because my lil brother that is in the Army, was there with us.. ( He is here on leave for a couple more weeks..) I tried to get a few pictures of him, when they played the Army song, and he had to stand... when they asked all Service Men to stand.... Oh countless times! Well, Here is one of my favorite pictures of him...
Here is a picture that I am going to have to BLOW up! Two of my favorite Boys! (yes I called my dad a boy!) Brighton LOVES my dad.. He is always snuggling up to him and loving on him! Love this picture..
The Flag that they retired first..

Harley and Erika with Miss Sp. Fork.. (oh they were in HEAVEN!... Look a Princess... Oh you want a picture with her? Lets go!)
The Flag that they put up at the end of the Ceremony..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Bye 335!

Okay, Sorry in advance... This is going to be a LONG post!

As some of you have already known... we have MOVED! (yesterday to be exact!) We moved from a two story house, to a one story...a house that still had ORIGINAL CARPET, LINOLEUM and LIGHT FIXTURES to new flooring, a Modern feel to it and another BATHROOM! There are many things that I am going to miss about living at 335... Especially those neighbors to the West of us! Craig and Jodi you will be missed!
We have built many memories at our "FIRST" house as a family! I will always remember the memories that have been made, but time to move on and make more memories!

Things that I Will and WONT miss!!
This is house 335...
I will NOT miss the BUSHES in the Front yard... Those things are DUMB! Who thought of planting them??

The Family Room..
Oh the CHANDELIER... How I am so Glad that you will not be in my Family Room anymore! Oh and those Hooks on the wall... (There used to be, and now back up, Curtains... Yes Original Curtains... The ones with the LONG cords to open and close them!)

The Front Door...
Can't say I am gonna miss the RAINBOW that was made on my carpet... BUT I am sure NOT going to miss, the BIG door that was a Pain to open!

Not gonna miss you either! I have taken pictures and people think that I am taking them outside... Hello! Nope that was my carpet not grass! lol =) The original carpet needs to go!

RED/ORANGE Shag Carpet..Don't get me wrong... It goes good if you have a CARS room!

The good old Cubby/ Hiding Place
This WILL be missed! Loved having a place in a bedroom to store all my blankets! And the kids will miss their favorite Hiding place!

So glad that we NOW have two!!

Master Bedroom
Squeeky floors, Small room (that a queen bed, BARELY fit in...) Not gonna miss you... I wont give up my HUGE Bedroom, Walk in Closet and Nice Bathroom to go back to you!!

The Bookshelf..
This is another one that is going to be missed... We have TONS of books, and now I need to get the kids each their own Bookshelves...

The Blue Room..
The carpet, will be missed by Harley... Blue is her FAVORITE color... But not the small closet! I think she enjoys her walk in closet!

Storage Room..
AGAIN... This will be missed... I could put all my food storage in this, and keep bottled waters cold...

2nd Family Room...
Not gonna miss the RUG Carpet... 'Nuf said!

These are some of the things that will be missed and wont! Dont get me wrong, we did love living there (sometimes)... I am really going to miss the ward and the friendships that I have made there.. Thank you First Ward! You are awesome! BUT I am also thankful for a new house with a MODERN style to it... A place where I can decorate and make it my HOME instead of somewhere that will only let me put 3M hangy things on the walls that DONT stick! I am also thankful for a place to start new memories, a place where my kids will have kids their ages next door, and a place for us to build new friendships...

** Pics of the NEW house to come soon!

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