Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the????

It is APRIL and we have stinkin SNOW.. Who would have thought that in the middle of April it was snowing?

Where is the warm weather and sun?

Monday, April 13, 2009


The kids begged me to die eggs. So on Friday night, I let them do some. They had so much fun coloring them and writing our names on all of them. On Saturday, I took them to the Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt... Let me just tell you .... IT WAS NOT WORTH IT! I can not believe some of the people in this world.. I will stop there, because I can go on and on!
So later Saturday, we went to the Jackson's to have an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. Again the kids had a blast. They were excited to meet the rest of the family and play with the boys. Oak had a ton of fun building with the Lincoln Logs.. Adams mom said that she was building a house and Oakley told her that when they get down with that one, they need to make Adam one. I was happy to hear that they all loved each other!
These next couple pictures are from Friday night...

Sunday morning, the kids woke up at 5am and wanted to go find eggs. I told them NO! They had to wait until at least 7am. Harley kept on waking me up and asking if it was time yet. She kept on saying that the Easter Bunny came and left eggs on their pillows.. WOW really?! She said look there is even baskets for you and Adam.. Hmmm who would have thought!? The kids had a ton of fun finding eggs that the Easter Bunny left.
The Easter Bunny hid their baskets and they had to find them. Harley found both of them, because Oakley was too busy looking at the two eggs that he found on the way up the stairs.
Cool Shades!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The many faces....

Of Oakley!

Dance Pics..

Harley had dance pictures taken today. I took her outside and took a couple. She is loving dance and can't wait to have competition in May as well as her recital. (dates to come later!) She actually asked me today, if she could dance with Mrs. Pam and Miss Whitney next year.

Sunny Days!

I know that this is a long post, but here goes! The other day, it was BEAUTIFUL outside. I could not resist take some pictures. The kids have been asking to go out and play and finally I gave in. Only because it was nice and they have been sick.. Who wants sick kids all the time? Not me!? Well here are some pictures.. Hope you all enjoy!

Here is Harley and her bike that she got for her birthday. She has not been able to ride it much because it was a little to big for her last year and then we live in the great state of Utah and have snow!
Oakley LOVES, can I say LOVES his trains. He got a new one from Linds and would not take his hands off of it! He was trying to 'jump' it!
So, Oakley has a bike... will he ride it? NO! He would rather ride the trike that he has. At least he gets around... He wont even peddle, he uses his feet on the ground!
Here you can see how he rides it! He gets going and then puts his feet in the air.. He thinks it makes him go faster or something!
Harley thinking that she is so Cool!
Harley showed Oak how to walk on the side of the ditch. He thinks that it is so fun...
da hands have to be out, to help balance?

Oak was thinking that he would ride Harley's bike... yeah right.. Well maybe.. He is a little Tyson, so it may happen!

We had a really good day! The kids had so much fun. After riding bikes, I took them to the city park to play. Harley was in heaven. Her friend was there and they had fun playing. Oakley on the other hand, got kicked in the face by his sister on accident, which made us come home early... Sorry no pics, he would not even let me look at it...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Canyon ride

Adam and I decided one Monday that we would take the four wheeler up the canyon and go for a short ride and shoot the gun. I was the lucky one that got to have my picture taken! Adam was having fun taking pictures of me. Here are a few for you to see!

I also took a couple pictures as we were riding. I know, they are kind of lame... I then was really bored, and decided to do a little photo shop and play around with it.. Here are some before and after pics!

(there is a cave, that I wanted to get, but as you can see I just got the mountain!)

(this one I took because we were right by the Rail Road tracks. I do have an idea with this pic, it will have to come later)


I wanted to do something different to Harley's hair. So I took her to Emily to get her hair done. I talked to Harley about getting a perm. She has a friend who has natural curly hair and loves it. Harley is always asking me to put her hair in braids and twists so that it is 'curly'. What a perfect time to get a perm. Right before summer! Here are a couple pics of the great day!

Harley was so excited to be getting a 'PERMANENT' and had to tell everyone that she was getting it. In school, they have a time that is dedicated to writing, called 'Writer's workshop'. The day after her perm, I found this in her bag. She wrote a story to her dad about getting a perm. She is so good! Her teacher says that she writes it all by herself, so as you can see the words are spelled how they sound. I thought it was so cute, I love it!
( I got to go to get my permanent, dad. love Harley)
The End result!

She looks so much older than a 6 yr old. What was I thinking letting her get her hair done? Harley was the type that wanted her hair in a ponytail daily, since the perm the only time she wore her hair up was for dance..


The other day, I was putting on my makeup and Oakley walked by me. I looked at him to say something and I saw something in his ear. He has been pulling at it alot lately, and now I know why. I told him to come to me and he was like 'huh?' Here is what I saw..

I got the object out of his ear... I really thought that he had stuck something in his ear, since he does have history of putting things in his nose. He wanted to see what it was that I was getting out of his ear. He looks disgusted with what was in my hand.
Now that one of his tubes has fallen out of his ear, after almost 2 yrs of being in it... I am going to cross my fingers that he has grown out of the ear infection stage. I think that it is crazy that we had to pay so much for the surgery for a little piece of plastic in his ears! Ahh but it was so worth it!

Lets go Fly a Kite....

For Family Home Evening on Monday, Trent and Emily had the activity and they bought all the kids kites to go and fly up at the Jr. High School. Here are some pictures of our activity.

Oakley with his Spiderman kite, he was so excited to go out and fly it!
Oak and Rika Roo with their kites, they are the biggest cheesers, and not even smiling at me. Trent must have been doing something better to get their attention..
This was Oaks idea of flying kites. Oak and Erika thought it was alot funner to play in the snow and get freezing cold, than fly the kites.
Dad flying Harleys kite
The walk home... I thought it was priceless. They are such good friends, and always help each other out!
We had a really good time flying kites. I can't wait till it gets a little warmer, so we can actually enjoy flying them. Hopefully sometime this week, we will be able to get out!

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