Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunny Days!

I know that this is a long post, but here goes! The other day, it was BEAUTIFUL outside. I could not resist take some pictures. The kids have been asking to go out and play and finally I gave in. Only because it was nice and they have been sick.. Who wants sick kids all the time? Not me!? Well here are some pictures.. Hope you all enjoy!

Here is Harley and her bike that she got for her birthday. She has not been able to ride it much because it was a little to big for her last year and then we live in the great state of Utah and have snow!
Oakley LOVES, can I say LOVES his trains. He got a new one from Linds and would not take his hands off of it! He was trying to 'jump' it!
So, Oakley has a bike... will he ride it? NO! He would rather ride the trike that he has. At least he gets around... He wont even peddle, he uses his feet on the ground!
Here you can see how he rides it! He gets going and then puts his feet in the air.. He thinks it makes him go faster or something!
Harley thinking that she is so Cool!
Harley showed Oak how to walk on the side of the ditch. He thinks that it is so fun...
da hands have to be out, to help balance?

Oak was thinking that he would ride Harley's bike... yeah right.. Well maybe.. He is a little Tyson, so it may happen!

We had a really good day! The kids had so much fun. After riding bikes, I took them to the city park to play. Harley was in heaven. Her friend was there and they had fun playing. Oakley on the other hand, got kicked in the face by his sister on accident, which made us come home early... Sorry no pics, he would not even let me look at it...

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