Sunday, November 16, 2008

AlL I wAnT fOr ChRiStMaS....

Is my TWO front, bottom Teeth!

So this weekend Harley lost her two front BOTTOM teeth... She is so excited! She lost one at her dad's house and got 2 half dollar coins.. and Dad told her that if she lost a tooth on Sunday and if the tooth Fairy came on Sunday night, its a special night, they leave more! So.. she could not get to sleep tonight, and we will see how much the tooth fairy leaves!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November, reminds me of THANKS....

Emily put this on her blog and I thought that I would do it.. Because I am thankful for NOVEMBER for so many reasons... Here are 26!

A-Absolute Air... without this place, I would probably still be unemployed and not making any money! I love my job and can honestly say that I love going to work.

B-Boston Red Sox.. haha... I love my team and will always support them! Okay, really BROTHERS... I love my brothers and thankful that they love me and my kids as much as they do. Even though the Tease so much, I am still thankful for them.

C-Car. I am thankful for my car, even though it will be in the shop next week, I am still thankful for it.. I would probably have to walk or ride the bus, and man that would suck.

D-Davies. I am thankful for my last name, or maiden name that is. Not only the name but the Crazies that come with it.

E-Eleven... November 11th that is... I am thankful for being brought into this world on this day, and I know my mom is thankful for it as well.. (to many hours of labor.. or should I say days!)

F-Family and Friends- I am thankful for these people that put up with me and make me laugh, make me feel good and have been through Hell with me!

G-gas... Fuel I mean.. haha.. And the price is getting lower...

H-Harley Athens. What a cute little girl. She is my best friend and with out her, I would not have that helping hand, a cute kindergartner, little attitude and best big sister a boy could have.

I-Internet... duh, who is not thankful for this? With out it you would not be reading my blog...

J-Juice... or Apple Juice... I am thankful for this, because the kids would rather have it than pop...

K- Kristy... okay that is not how you spell it.. It's Christy... But I am thankful for her, because she is like my kids' second mom.. she is always there for my kids, helps Harley with homework, Oakley with his potty training and I am glad that she helps me out!

L-Love. Again, I love my family and friends, job and country..

M-Mom. What would I do with my 'other' best friend. So thankful that she is there for me to laugh, cry and complain to..

N- November... for the fall leaves, the holidays and knowing that my family will be close by during the holidays.. (ty and lauren, your still close!)

O-Oakley 'Bob' as he would say. He is the most handsome little boy and I am thankful for his attitude, his love and little hands that get into everything.

P-Pumpkin Cake.. Who wants a birthday cake when they can have PUMPKIN CAKE

Q-Quiet... those nights after the kids are in bed and I have some piece and Quiet time to myself.

R-Robert... because D was taken... Thanks for being there for all the Shit and yes I said Shit that you go through for the kids and I.

S-Sister-IN-Laws... love you like my own sisters.

T-telephone... what would I do with out my 2 phones... okay I could really leave one in the car, but the other, it sits next to me!

U-USA. The country that we live in, for freedom of speech.

V-Videos, or DVD's... if I did not have these, the kids would be in my hair right now...and i would not get to make this wonderful post!

W-Water.... My new favorite drink...

X-X or Ex.... Yes I am thankful for him. With out him, I would not have learned the lessons that I have and I would not have the MOST beautiful kids in the world....

Y-Yellow... the color of daisies... or the ones I like.... just brightens up my day!

Z-Zest.... helps all of you stay smelly fresh....

Your the BEST mom EVER.....

On Tuesday, I got off work early and surprised Harley at school, by picking her up. I ran a couple errands and then asked the kids if they were hungry. Harley said yeah, lets go home and have some cereal. Oakley said, yeah I wanna drink.... I was passing this amazing place and thought that I would take the kids there. (since I usually take them to dinner on Tuesday nights, just the three of us.) I turned the corner and pulled into the back parking lot of the store. Harley looks at me and says 'mom are we going to the french toast store?' I laughed at her and said no, I've got to run into a store next door and get some stuff.. As I got the kids out, I asked Oak again if he was hungry and he said that he was. I said okay lets go.... As we are getting closer to the door, Harley says to me..' Mom, I love you. You are the BEST mom ever...' (yes we walked into Magleby's). Who ever thought that two kids would love eggs and french toast as much as mine do.... I told her thanks, You are the best daughter ever! Come to find out, its not the french toast that they like so much, its the syrup.... they were dipping their eggs in it as well.....
So for those of you that don't know what Magelby's is.... You have to go there.

Monday, November 3, 2008

School Pictures

Here are the kids' pictures from School.

Aren't they sooo Cute?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

MMM. MMM, Good!

I never thought that I would say this but I had the best dinner last night. I went to Red Lobster with Tiffany and Nate... I had the all you can eat shrimp and it was tasty... Can't wait to go back!

Thanks, Tiffany and Nate for the Date Night!
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