Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner!

Spanish Fork Fire Department does a 'Duck Race' every year. It is a blast for the kids to go down and watch the ducks come in. They have been doing it for a few years and this year someone in the family ACTUALLY won!
It was not the BIG prize, but Harley was excited to say she won!

Going Flag!

For the 24th we celebrate all out! I love Fiesta days! I talked to Harley before the Parade and asked if we should do her hair like a flag. She totally loved it! I think she loved that people kept on asking her who did it and how long did it take... (it only took 25 minutes)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flag Burning Ceremony

Spanish Fork has been doing a Flag Burning Ceremony for 12 years now. This was my first time ever going. I now think that it is going to be a family tradition. It was pretty neat to see what they do and how they do it. There was some pretty awesome speakers, a few new recruits and a ton on Patriotism. Here are a few pictures of the night. Hope you enjoy!

This flag was taken down and the first one to be put on the campfire.

A new flag put up!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Family Pictures!

Tyson and Lauren have been in town for a couple days this week before moving up to Alaska for a year and a half... We take family pictures when we are all together.. The last one we have is before Adam and I were married, and Jordan was a week old.. So here is an updated one! (Sorry, I don't know why there is not one of Jordan, I don't have a single of him...)

The Whole Family
Mom and Dad
The Davies'
Rika Roo

Lexi Lou

The Jackson's
Harley Bug
Oakley Bob
The Davies'
All the Grandkids
The Girls
The Girl Grandkids
The Boys
The Boy Grandkids

Catching Fish!

Our family goes camping a couple times a month up Spanish Fork Canyon... They kids have so much fun! (So do the adults!) On Saturday, the kids wanted to go 'fishing' and get them some pets! Trent took the kids down to catch mino's.... Here are some pictures of the fun!

Thanks.... Mom, Dad, Angie and Gary for a fun weekend! Can't wait for the next!

Stadium of Fire

Since we do not have the kids on the 4th of July, we decided that we would do something fun! So before tickets went on sale, and Members of the BYU club or whatever you call it, could buy tickets... Tracie and I bought some. (Way back in MARCH!)
Anyways, we had a blast at Stadium of Fire... I have not been since 6th or 7th grade when Jay Leno came... Lets say boring! This time was way fun. (except for being pregnant, and having some jerks in front of us, recline back in the seats that they had, which gave us NO room....)
So here are some pictures!

This first one is of my Sister-in-law Robyn and nephew Taylor... they were sitting behind us and to the right.. Pretty far back... Decided we would take a picture of them!

The Stadium of Fire Dancers were pretty neat! They did a sweat routine, wish I had a camcorder to show!
Can not forget the Army! and the flags!
(Reminded me of Tyson, and how he has served our country and still is... Love you!)

Don't forget the jets! It was all worth just this!
I have loved her music since she was on American Idol! Tracie had a blast dancing to all of her songs! Dang, I should have got pictures of that too!

And the Fireworks! Sorry its not the best picture!

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