Monday, July 16, 2007

Harleys FIRST BIG haircut!

So.... We decided to make a big change and cut all of Harleys hair off.. Well not all of it.. but alot! So here are some before and after pics of the BIG change!

Yes... We still have the Cheeser!

Yeah.. I thought that I had a 4 year old.. NOT a 10 year old! She looks so grown up and not my little baby girl! But hey! it's way cute.. and I like..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harley Athens

So.. I decided that since I have a few more pictures of Oakley I would put more of Harley on here! Harley at the Springville parade!
Yeah... who knows where she got this look from!?

Let's go 4 a RIDE!

We went camping a few weeks ago, and the kids love the four wheeler.. Harley enjoys taking all the kids on rides around the campground. Good thing mom and I found that purple car at a yardsale and dad thought it was the stupidest thing.. Little did he know it was the best 5 bucks ever spent!
Here are some more pictures of us camping.. The kids had a blast!
Trent, Erika, Emily, Mom and Oakley enjoying the camp fire.. Or the smoke!

Oakley had a blast! What a little stinker!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Swim Day!

Today, we decided to fill up the swimming pool and let the kids play. They loved it.. The weather was nice and we had a blast.. Oakley was kind of iffy about getting in the pool so he would just stand by the side. Harley on the other hand wanted to sit and get her hair wet and everything.. I would not let her, so she was kind of mad at me for a bit.. but she got over it!

The kids had so much fun, that Harley was already asking if she can go out tomorrow and swim.. Guess we will have to see! =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Today, Is going to be one of the best Days! (other than the kids will be at their dads, and I have not seen them for almost a week..) I hope everyone has a good day, have fun and be safe!

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