Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What the.....!

So the kids are at their dads for the week. (yes I know.. I am way sad...) I got a text while I was at work today and it had this picture in it.. I was like WHAT THE...... I could not believe it.. I thought that he had cut Oakleys hair.. I was about to cry.. My little baby with no hair... I had to call him and make sure that he just combed it like this.. If you look close it really does look like it is shaved. I seriously was about to cry my eyes out.. (not to mention I miss my kids! and to see this picture.. I was P.Oed!) So to make a long story short, Mike took Harley to the beauty school and had them do her hair all up. So he was sending me a picture to let me see what it looked like..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spanish River Campground

While we were waiting for everyone to get to the campgroud, we decided that we would walk up to the park. Oakley had a BLAST, He wanted to sit and go on the slide over and over! Harley wanted to take him up but I was a little iffy about letting her take him by herself.. Its kinda high up there! At the park, there is this 4 wheeler type thingy! that bounces.. Oakley loved it and wanted to stay on it most of the time till I got him to go down the slides!

On our way back to the trailer, Harley had gotten ahead of us, and was waiting for us to walk.. Well that was a little took a little time! Oakley decided that after every 10 steps he took, he needed to sit on the ground and rest! When he would sit he would sigh, like it was the biggest thing in the world!

Smile =) um NO!

So we were up Spanish Fork canyon for the afternoon, and I wanted to get a picture of Harley and me! Yeah, right.. Do you think that she could actually smile? So I kept on taking pictures and she kept on making faces, SO I had to join!


Monday, August 13, 2007

what a HUNK!

Oakley thinks that this is the way that your glasses go on!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day at the Park

We decided that we needed a day at the park. So I went and got us some pizza from Little Ceasars and took the kids to have dinner. They love it at the park, if I would let them go everyday, they would be in heaven! We have tried to make it a trip at least once a week! Oakley loves the swings, and so does Harley. But Harley wants to swing on the BIG kid swings not the baby ones!

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