Saturday, June 23, 2012

Craft-A-Holics Anonymous Exchange

      So I saw a post on Facebook that was a 'Swap' I LOVE Swaps! (I do a yarn swap with a group once a month and LOVE it to death, So this swap sounded sooo fun!) As you know, I love to Crochet! I even have a page on Facebook... Yep go check it out! Anyways, I was randomly selected to have a lady from Oklahoma. After talking to her and getting some information I decided to make her a throw.  I didnt want to make her a hat or anything like that because you never know if it looks good on one person, if it will the next! So why not a blanket! Anyone can use one! I would love to have one for all my days at the ballpark. (one day it is freezing cold and we are in coats, and the next day we are sweating our guts out! Thank you Utah!) 
    Okay, back to my throw! I was testing a pattern for the Fancy Hooker, Yep she is AMAZING! I love her patterns! So this throw was working up so beautifully that I decided I needed to make one for Miss S! Okay and tada, here it is!
sorry for the crappy picture, I have not edited it yet!
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