Monday, May 17, 2010

Oakley's 4....

Oakley + a Birthday = 4 years OLD!!

Oakley's Birthday is not officially until Saturday, but since it is his dad's weekend, I decided to celebrate it this weekend! I can not believe that my baby is going to be 4.. Oh, how time flies! So here are a few pictures of his birthday party....

His Transformers Cake... Yes, that is BLACK icing.... It was supposed to be gray, but we lucked out and got black! Not so good for a kid birthday party... Just imagine it... BLACK teeth and BLACK lips!!
Oakley opening his presents! He lucked out and got a ton of fun things!

Here is Oak right before he blew out his candles! He had so much fun! Thanks Mom and Dad, Trent and Emily, Erika and Lexi! We Love you!

Happy Birthday Oakley!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best Friends!

The kids have been watching movies before they go to bed... today they must have been really tired. Harley was in Oakleys room with him watching cartoons.. We went up to check on them ten minutes after Harley went up there and this is what we found! Who could not resist this picture!?

This picture looks like Oak is sucking Harleys thumb! =D

Mothers Day Presents

For Mothers day the kids made their Grandmas... (Nanny, Grammy, Granny and Grandma Judie) some Mothers day gifts.. I saw this idea in a Family Fun magazine and could not resist making it.

First you need a frame... bought it at Joann's!
Next you need some toilet paper rolls... this we have been collecting for about a month...
You need some paint... (you should have seen our hands after painting these!)
Don't forget the Tacky Glue!
Toilet Paper rolls cut in pieces!
And Walaah! The Finished Product!
Isn't this the cutest frame ever!?
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