Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Card/Tag Exchange

So I do ALOT of following on my blog and/or GOOGLE Reader and Amy with The Happy Scraps is one of those GREAT people that I love to Follow! She has been doing a Handmade Card Exchange for a couple months now and I LOVE it! I used to do a card exchange once a month with my mom and sister in law and AbSoLuTeLy miss it! So when Amy started this, I had to jump in! (I don't know why I do the cards, because I HATE giving them away because they are so cute!) Here are a couple of my favorites from the 1st month. There was not a theme for October.

In November we had a theme.... Thank You! Who would have picked a better theme for the cards in November! Again, I got a handful of cards and fell in love with them as well. I hate using these cards!

For the month of December, Amy is doing a Tag exchange... I have the cutest idea and cant wait to get started on them! If you are interested in joining (there are people all over the US that join! Come have some fun! And get to see how others 'craft' and Scrapbook!) go to The Happy Scraps and look for the post Titled "CHRISTMAS GIFT TAG EXCHANGE" Deadline is December 3 for sign ups! Hurry! Join the fun!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decor

I have had so much fun decorating our house and getting it ready for Christmas! As some of you know I am ADDICTED to Pinterest! Love that place! Not only am I an Addict to Pinterest, I am an Addict to The Wood Connection! I love all the ideas that I can find in both places.

My Santa that I have (sitting on a chair) is getting ready to go on my front door. Hopefully the wind will be nice this month so I can hang it and it wont blow off.. (Dang Spanish Fork wind!)

Oh my topper! I went to a craft fair over Thanksgiving weekend and saw this Hat and sat there for about 15 minutes deciding what I would do with it.. The lady that was selling it was laughing at me and said that she has the green one and put it on her tree. I could only imagine how it would look on mine! It would make my tree look bigger than it is.. (Note: In our old house we couldnt have a very tall tree because the ceilings where a little low... Now in the new house we have vaulted ceilings and it looks extremely small!)

So after buying my hat, I went and got me a bunch of ornaments to match it. I love Red and Black, so that on my Christmas tree was PERFECT!
I LOVE stars!... Thanks again to the Wood Connection!
JOY... again another Wood Connection Craft! Oh how I love that place, Thank goodness it is in SL and not in Utah County! I would be POOR!

On Pinterest, there was a picture of a window that had ornaments hanging from it. I have the perfect window! Add some Tulle and Tada!

More posts to come of all the decorating!!
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