Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decor

I have had so much fun decorating our house and getting it ready for Christmas! As some of you know I am ADDICTED to Pinterest! Love that place! Not only am I an Addict to Pinterest, I am an Addict to The Wood Connection! I love all the ideas that I can find in both places.

My Santa that I have (sitting on a chair) is getting ready to go on my front door. Hopefully the wind will be nice this month so I can hang it and it wont blow off.. (Dang Spanish Fork wind!)

Oh my topper! I went to a craft fair over Thanksgiving weekend and saw this Hat and sat there for about 15 minutes deciding what I would do with it.. The lady that was selling it was laughing at me and said that she has the green one and put it on her tree. I could only imagine how it would look on mine! It would make my tree look bigger than it is.. (Note: In our old house we couldnt have a very tall tree because the ceilings where a little low... Now in the new house we have vaulted ceilings and it looks extremely small!)

So after buying my hat, I went and got me a bunch of ornaments to match it. I love Red and Black, so that on my Christmas tree was PERFECT!
I LOVE stars!... Thanks again to the Wood Connection!
JOY... again another Wood Connection Craft! Oh how I love that place, Thank goodness it is in SL and not in Utah County! I would be POOR!

On Pinterest, there was a picture of a window that had ornaments hanging from it. I have the perfect window! Add some Tulle and Tada!

More posts to come of all the decorating!!

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