Thursday, November 6, 2008

November, reminds me of THANKS....

Emily put this on her blog and I thought that I would do it.. Because I am thankful for NOVEMBER for so many reasons... Here are 26!

A-Absolute Air... without this place, I would probably still be unemployed and not making any money! I love my job and can honestly say that I love going to work.

B-Boston Red Sox.. haha... I love my team and will always support them! Okay, really BROTHERS... I love my brothers and thankful that they love me and my kids as much as they do. Even though the Tease so much, I am still thankful for them.

C-Car. I am thankful for my car, even though it will be in the shop next week, I am still thankful for it.. I would probably have to walk or ride the bus, and man that would suck.

D-Davies. I am thankful for my last name, or maiden name that is. Not only the name but the Crazies that come with it.

E-Eleven... November 11th that is... I am thankful for being brought into this world on this day, and I know my mom is thankful for it as well.. (to many hours of labor.. or should I say days!)

F-Family and Friends- I am thankful for these people that put up with me and make me laugh, make me feel good and have been through Hell with me!

G-gas... Fuel I mean.. haha.. And the price is getting lower...

H-Harley Athens. What a cute little girl. She is my best friend and with out her, I would not have that helping hand, a cute kindergartner, little attitude and best big sister a boy could have.

I-Internet... duh, who is not thankful for this? With out it you would not be reading my blog...

J-Juice... or Apple Juice... I am thankful for this, because the kids would rather have it than pop...

K- Kristy... okay that is not how you spell it.. It's Christy... But I am thankful for her, because she is like my kids' second mom.. she is always there for my kids, helps Harley with homework, Oakley with his potty training and I am glad that she helps me out!

L-Love. Again, I love my family and friends, job and country..

M-Mom. What would I do with my 'other' best friend. So thankful that she is there for me to laugh, cry and complain to..

N- November... for the fall leaves, the holidays and knowing that my family will be close by during the holidays.. (ty and lauren, your still close!)

O-Oakley 'Bob' as he would say. He is the most handsome little boy and I am thankful for his attitude, his love and little hands that get into everything.

P-Pumpkin Cake.. Who wants a birthday cake when they can have PUMPKIN CAKE

Q-Quiet... those nights after the kids are in bed and I have some piece and Quiet time to myself.

R-Robert... because D was taken... Thanks for being there for all the Shit and yes I said Shit that you go through for the kids and I.

S-Sister-IN-Laws... love you like my own sisters.

T-telephone... what would I do with out my 2 phones... okay I could really leave one in the car, but the other, it sits next to me!

U-USA. The country that we live in, for freedom of speech.

V-Videos, or DVD's... if I did not have these, the kids would be in my hair right now...and i would not get to make this wonderful post!

W-Water.... My new favorite drink...

X-X or Ex.... Yes I am thankful for him. With out him, I would not have learned the lessons that I have and I would not have the MOST beautiful kids in the world....

Y-Yellow... the color of daisies... or the ones I like.... just brightens up my day!

Z-Zest.... helps all of you stay smelly fresh....


Tiffany Moore said...

Im sure glad that T is for telephone and not Tiffany you know the one that hired you at Abolute Air.

Tiffany Moore said...

Happy Birthday a day early!!! You Rock!!! said...

Happy late birthday!! I hope you had a good one!

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