Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jumpin Jacks...

I know I am late on posting this one. A couple weeks ago, we went to Jumpin Jacks for FHE. The kids had so much fun here. I am going to have to take them at least once a month! There is alot of pics, so bare with me. I had just got my new camera and was having a fun time taking pictures. So here you go!

Oak going down the 'Ship' slide.
I dont remember what he did or said that made him pull this face, but it is priceless!

This is the only picture that I got of Harley, she was being a stinker and would not let me take pictures.
Oakley and Erika having fun running around one of the slides.

Trent getting ready to take Oakley and Erika down the slide.
Ready, Set, Go!

I love doing the activities with the whole family. I am so happy that they are so close. I wish that Ty and Lauren were here to enjoy it with us. They are always at FHE in spirit! We love and miss you two!

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