Monday, April 6, 2009


I wanted to do something different to Harley's hair. So I took her to Emily to get her hair done. I talked to Harley about getting a perm. She has a friend who has natural curly hair and loves it. Harley is always asking me to put her hair in braids and twists so that it is 'curly'. What a perfect time to get a perm. Right before summer! Here are a couple pics of the great day!

Harley was so excited to be getting a 'PERMANENT' and had to tell everyone that she was getting it. In school, they have a time that is dedicated to writing, called 'Writer's workshop'. The day after her perm, I found this in her bag. She wrote a story to her dad about getting a perm. She is so good! Her teacher says that she writes it all by herself, so as you can see the words are spelled how they sound. I thought it was so cute, I love it!
( I got to go to get my permanent, dad. love Harley)
The End result!

She looks so much older than a 6 yr old. What was I thinking letting her get her hair done? Harley was the type that wanted her hair in a ponytail daily, since the perm the only time she wore her hair up was for dance..

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