Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fiesta Days 2011

The kids got to participate in the Children's Parade this year. Every year they are at their dads house on the weekend before Fiesta Days, so they dont get to participate. They were so excited to be able to walk in the parade with our new ward. The theme this year for Fiesta Days was the Place 2 Be. In our ward they chose to have their place to be as the Beach, so they all go to go in their swimming suits and pretend to be on a beach! Here are the kids after the parade.

Here is Brighton during the Children's Parade. He loves his stroller and being able to watch what is going on! Check out the sideways hat! (he moves it to that position!)
Every year we go and watch the Parade. This year Mom and Dad were incharge of the Parade. It was not the same with them not sitting by us. Not only them, but Trent and Tyson were helping with the line up at the top of the street, Emily had to work, Erika and Lexi where in California with their Nanny and Papa Smith, and Adam had to work. So it was just us and a couple of our cousins. Here are the kids with their NEW flag shirts.. (thanks to procrastination I finished them minutes before we had to leave for the parade!) Didnt they turn out so cute!
This is what happens when there is a Parade going on during nap time! Brighton was getting sleepy and didn't want to lay down. Who would when there is so much going on!? Next thing I know, he was asleep sitting in my lap! What a stinker!

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