Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2010 Flag Burning Ceremony

Every year Sp. Fork has a flag burning ceremony put on by the city council and the area 'Service Men'.. We went as a family and let me tell you .... It was AmAzInG... I have been the last couple years and for some reason tonight was way different... Oh that is because my lil brother that is in the Army, was there with us.. ( He is here on leave for a couple more weeks..) I tried to get a few pictures of him, when they played the Army song, and he had to stand... when they asked all Service Men to stand.... Oh countless times! Well, Here is one of my favorite pictures of him...
Here is a picture that I am going to have to BLOW up! Two of my favorite Boys! (yes I called my dad a boy!) Brighton LOVES my dad.. He is always snuggling up to him and loving on him! Love this picture..
The Flag that they retired first..

Harley and Erika with Miss Sp. Fork.. (oh they were in HEAVEN!... Look a Princess... Oh you want a picture with her? Lets go!)
The Flag that they put up at the end of the Ceremony..

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