Friday, April 18, 2008


Today was the first game of the season! It was SOO much fun. Even though the team that we played kicked our aces! What is with it with people who have to play to win and not for fun? Isn't that what it is supposed to be about? Well, I played and had a fun time! Except.... I was running to third base and the left fielder threw the ball and instead of sliding because I was one step away from the base and.... the third baseman does not know how to catch a ball..... it hit me in the leg.. OUCH! but who says all girls cry.. what is up with that... deal with the pain! And I can not believe all the people that are like.. OMG are you okay.. Yes I am fine.. I know how to deal with pain from a softball... okay.. well if I would have slid into third, like I would have if I played in SPANISH FORK.. because you know you get out if you don't slide..... It would have hit me in the head.. and then I probably would have cried! So here is a gross picture of my leg.... and it has only been an hour since it happened.....(from the time I took the picture)

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