Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Poor Guy...

I was getting ready to start eating my dinner tonight and I got this text from Mike saying look, Oakley fell up the stairs.. I think that he is going to have a black eye.. And then the picture came.. Poor guy.. but how do you fall up the stairs and end up with a swollen blue eye? Beyond my imagination.. I could never figure it out!

I then pick the kids up from Mike at the gas station like we always do.. (yes it is convienant) NOT! Oakley gets in the car and says Owie mommy.. I said did you fall and hit your eye. He shook his head and then pointed to his eye. As Mike is telling me that he fell down the stairs too and bonked his head.. My thought.. what is going on... But then again what do I do.. It could have happened at my house too.. Here is a picture as he was going to bed.. His eye is swollen more and way bruised.. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the morning.. Or do I want to?m (don't mind the dirty face. he has a thing with chocolate!)

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Sheri said...

that reminds me of a picture I have of my daughter, only she fell onto concrete so not only was it swollen but she had a huge scrape too that took forever to heal. The sad thing is I watched her fall and could do nothing about will be kids, which means they will get hurt and we just have to be there to kiss the wounds. I hope he heals up soon!

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