Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things I want to.....

Well since it is 9:30pm and I am sitting here, alone. The kids are in bed. So what do I do? Blog! I was checking out all the blogs that have been updated! Thanks to google reader! I can keep updated without having to click on every blog that I look at.. It is a one click easy read! So Hillary had just posted this and I thought that it was interesting, so here I am reposting it!

1. Things I want to start but haven't started
School. I have went to a couple months of cosmo school but then things happened and I got married.. then the little kids came along. Now that I am single again, maybe it will happen soon! I do need to go to school!

2. Things I want to change but haven't changed
Same with Hillary, I dont want to be to negative BUT if I had to change anything... HMMM... why would I? I have learned from all my mistakes and trials in life.. It has been a learning experience!

3. Things I want to stop but haven't stopped
Yuck.. nasty habit of biting my nails.. I have tried this since I was YOUNG and can not seem to get over it. The only time that they are not being bit is I have the 'fake' nails on!

4. Things I started but haven't finished
Scrapbooks of my kids! Harley has 2 but nothing since she was 3.. she is now 5 1/2... Oakley has A page.. and it was from when I was prego... and yes he will be 2 in a month and a half.. think I need to get going with it?

5. Things I want to do but haven't done
Go on a vacation for myself! I want to go somewhere that I can just relax with someone special and have the most amazing time ever. Not worrying about my kids, knowing that they are in good hands, but I also have the time to myself...

6. Things I want to say but haven't said
No names here and not getting into detail.. But there are some people that have been in my life and they still kind of are due to my kids... but they REALLY need to know what happened.... thats all!

7. Things I want to learn but haven't learned
Hmm that is a tie between learning another language and learning how to play a musical instrument!

8. Feelings I have but haven't expressed
Telling my parents that I do love them and appreciate all that they do for my kids and me. They really do alot and I don't know how to thank them for the help that has been given in the last year and a half... but here.. thanks mom and dad!

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Mike and Jessica Ulrich Family said...

That's funny you love baseball so much. So does my sister Cassie. You're kids are very cute. Cute names, I have a niece named Oaklyn. Things are good for me and Mikey. Nothing too exciting for me though. I just take care of Max, which is really fun:)It was good to hear from you!

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