Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Favorite things!

*I was blog hopping and found this little thing! thought I'd do it!!*

MY FAVORITE THINGS Around the House..

My favorite thing in the kitchen is... my Windows! I love that I can look out and see the road! haha okay.. no really I do love them.. it reminds me of the wonderful days that we are having!

My favorite thing in the bathroom is... My new shower curtain! I love it.. I went RETRO! blues, browns and creams!

My favorite thing in the bedroom is... My dresser... I love it.. If only my bed would fit in my small room I would have a wonderful room!

My favorite thing in the bedroom closet is... My flipflops! Yes, I have a TON of them!

My favorite thing in the living room is... My pictures of my kids... reminds me what beautiful kids I have and why I don't regret getting married!

My favorite thing in the pantry is... Pantry? Ha! okay my cupboards, all the ramen noodles! cheep and easy dinners!

My favorite thing in the "office" is... office.. okay my two bedroom house does not have room for an office! My office is where ever my computer is! but I would say it is a toss up between my computer and my Lia Sophia catalog! it goes everywhere my computer goes!

My favorite thing in the baby's room is... the Johnny Depp poster! Harley had to have one.. But hey, now I dont have to put one up in my room! I can just go to her room and look at it! lol


emily frame !!! said...

i'm stealing this and doing it on my blog. your bathroom sounds cool!

The Smiths said...

Ha! My bathroom is decorated in the same colors! By the way, how do you change your template without changing everything else?

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