Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Family Pictures

On Mother's Day we went and took some family pictures. Here are some of all of our families. I don't have one of the whole family but I will post that later! We went to Canyon View park. It was nice weather and the kids loved to go up and down the stairs.

Mom and Dad
(Happily Married 29 yrs! 3 kids, 2 daughter in-laws and
3 grandkids!)

Tiffany, Harley and Oakley
(It is hard to get both of my kids to smile at the same
time. You get one to smile and the other one
is staring off in the distance!)

Trent, Emily and Erika
(look at Erika, She was laughing and would not stop
it was so cute to watch her laugh!)

Tyson and Lauren
(I was putting these pictures up and someone at work
asked me if that was Heath Ledger, I laughed and
told her is was my lil bro!)


Sheri said...

cute pictures! Happy late mother's Day to you!

hey, I started a new blog that is all about fun stuff that I like rather than all about my hubby and kids, so I'm doing both. I'm sending the link to all my friends, so come take a look! I just started it, so it'll only get better from here on out!

Greg & Breanne said...

That's so funny about Tyson...he kidna does look like heat ledger in that pic. How cute...All your pics are cute. Oakley is adorable! I can't believe how much he looks like Tyson...but he is a stinkin' cutie!

Shari Davis said...

Those are all such cute pictures! You guys take so many family pictures, I'm jealous. I wish we would take more family pictures. We NEED to take more family pics! I love Erika's cheeser smile! What cute grandkids your parents have!!!

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