Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyson!

I just wanted to wish Tyson a Happy Birthday! I can not believe that my little bro is 22.. CRAZY! A little bit about Ty. He is a man of many talents! I remember when he was little he was going to be a football player. He did that! He played for Cokeville High School for 3 yrs. (which they were a VERY good team!) He has been a Cheerleader for Dixie State! Tyson is a licensed Cosmotologist, and is now in the Army. Tyson joined the Army and is going to do what he has been going to do for a while. Serve our Country.
Tyson is a Yankee fan through and through! (and has a brother to be on his side, but a sister to be the rival! GO SOX!) =)
Tyson was married in November to Lauren and she makes him so Happy! Tyson is the best uncle 3 kids could have. I have asked Harley what she loves about Tyson and she always says that she loves that he teases her. After asked why she loves him for that, she said that he teases her because he loves her! That is true! I am so glad that I have a really cute brother, because, I now know what my little Oak, aka TYSON JR. will look like! Enough said, I just really wanted to wish Tyson a HaPPy BiRThdAy! and let him know that we love him!

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Tyson & Lauren Davies said...

thats really cute tiffany. were just about to start loading our cars to come up to utah so he probably wont see it till tonight.

love ya


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