Thursday, May 22, 2008

HiGh ScHoOl TaG

I have seen this on a couple people's blogs and figured what the heck, I would do it!

1. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be?
Have fun in High School, take some college classes or at least start cosmo school in high school and finish. That way when you are 26 and a single mom you are not going back to school!

2. Did you do any extra curricular activities in high school?

I was the basketball manager through out high school and worked.

3. What did you do with your free time?

Spent a lot of time with Jamie. Went to the basketball games and worked.

4. Coolest thing you did as a teenager.

Um nothing!?

5. Did you have a boyfriend in high school?

I did my sophomore year, a kid from Kamas.. woohoo fun!

6. Songs that come to mind:

Songs, or groups! NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Jewel, Faith, Tim, 311....

7. If you could change one thing, what would it be?

Have more fun. Go to school more, take college classes, whoa thats more than one!

8. What did you think you would be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher, and a mom..

9. Picture of self.

haha FUNNY!

10. Craziest thing you did in high school.
I was not a crazy person in high school. I kept to myself and hung out with my little group of friends.. maybe meeting all the crazies on main! lol

I tag: Emily, Sean, Michelle, Shari, Bre, Lauren, Emily, Emily and anyone I forgot!

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