Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend.

Over the weekend, we went camping with Mom, Dad, Uncle John, Aunt Shirley, The Taylor's, and the Christensen's AND families! It was the start of the summer like usual. We went up to Spanish River Park to camp. Yes I know. It is so close to home but still in the canyon! (yes 9 miles from my driveway!) Can't beat that! So we get all ready to go camping and it starts to rain. Yay! let me tell you fun. We got up to the canyon and started getting ready. Oakley wanted to play with his 'Choo-Choo' and do nothing else. He had his car and choo-choo by his side the whole weekend. We got the tent up and ready for us to sleep in. When it was time for bed it was WAY cold. I had a heater in the tent to keep us warm.. No it did not work to swell!

Saturday morning, we got up and ate breakfast.. Famous breakfast burritos. Sorry, Trent you missed out! We thought of you while we were eating them! So the day went pretty good. Oakley and I came home to sleep for a nap! Harley stayed up the canyon and played with all the kids. She loves playing with them. Saturday night came and went. Sunday, we again got up and had breakfast and then came home again to take our naps. Harley went fishing with Papa and Trey. When we got up to the canyon on Sunday, Oakley and Trey played with the cars and swords. They had so much fun and gave us some amazing entertainment! Here are some pictures from the weekend.. Hope you enjoy!

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Tyson & Lauren Davies said...

love the camping pictures. Im half jealous you went camping but the other half would have wanted to go further away from home in spanish fork.

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