Thursday, May 15, 2008

29 and counting!

Happy Birthday Mom!
I just wanted to make a post especially for MOM!
I want to thank her for all that she does for us. Not only my family but for my brothers and their families as well as my aunts and uncles.
Mom is always there for anyone that needs her
Here are some things about mom that I love.
*She would let us stay up 'late' if we would brush her hair. (this was the best, we thought that we were in heaven because she would let us stay up.. little did we know it was really only like 9pm!)
*She would always take us places and then when she had just got home, she would come back and pick us up.
*She was always at all of our ball games, no matter what the weather was like. She still goes to them!
*She would do anything for her kids, grandkids, sisters and brothers.
*She makes the best 'Cheese things'
*She loves to watch the Jazz play
*She loves to go camping with family, at least 2 times a month in the summer.
*She is an amazing photographer, just starting out, but still amazing.
*She is my best friend
*She will swim out to the middle of a lake to pick up a cousin off of an inner-tube! haha thats from Shaun!
*She loves jewelry
*She has been married for 29 yrs..
*She loves to read
*She is very creative
*She has finally got into the BLOGGING world
*She has worked for State Farm FOREVER!
*She loves to sing, (even in the car with Harley!)
*She loves her Diet Coke
*She Loves Los Hermanos

I wont say more, I may embarrass her! LOVE YOU MOM!

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