Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Tell ALL....

I got this off of Elise's blog and decided that I would start it too. I know, I know. I am still going to do Flashback Friday as well! It gives me some ideas to blog about when I am in a pinch! So this weeks topic is SIGHT.
When I read this I thought of a TON of things. Here of my thoughts on SIGHT. If I could not see, I would only be able to smell, hear, taste and touch... That would mean I would not be able to see my beautiful kids! Along with them here are some other things that I am thankful to be able to see with my SIGHT... (even though it REALLY sucks! yeah, I am BLIND... so does that mean I can really see... I think it is selective seeing!)

My kids
the mountains
my car (without it I'd walk)
my jewelry (what would I do without Lia Sophia!)
my T.V. (there goes my reality shows!)
the sun
Smiling faces
Money (even though I don't have any)
my dirty house (if it was clean then I would not be spending time LOOKING at my kids!)
my computer
my pictures
my camera
my phone (i would not be able to read that AMAZING text I received today. I am so happy, thanks Ash!)

Oh, so much more... But I know I am bugging! So.. what is your topic on SIGHT?


Connie Ford said...

Tiff I am really dumb to this blogger thing. Come teach me! Really we need to hang out. I don't know how to add that link to my blog Help! Please i am begging!!!!

Melissa said...


Very cute blog! Your kids are gorgeous! Random question...where do you get your weekly prompts for Tuesday Tell All and Friday Flashback? I think that sounds like a fun idea! Thanks in advance for the information!


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