Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm an ANGEL!

Today, I was getting ready and Harley asked if she could pick out Oakley and her clothes for the day. I told her that was fine but make sure I check them before you get dressed. She said okay. Went and grabbed Oakley's clothes and showed me then went and got him dressed... even helped him with a clean pull-up!(what a helper!)
She then came and showed me a skirt that she wanted to wear and asked what shirt would go with it. I told her that any plain color shirt would match. She went and got dressed and then walked into the bathroom, got a brush and back to her room. She was in there for a bit and just talking to herself. I was almost ready and she came and asked me to help her put her hair in a clip. She said 'I want this part up and the rest down.' I showed her how to do it and grabbed the side and then she put the clip in. (so did not look straight!) She then walked back into her room. She was in there for a bit and I kept on hearing her talking to herself. I told her that I was ready to go, and to hurry. She came out with thick pink lipstick on and a necklace and blue matching shoes! I looked at her and laughed and she said 'What mom?!' I told her that she was a dork but a cute one. She responded with 'No mom, I'm an Angel!' I started laughing and then had to take these pics!

We got in the car and I had to run back in the house to get my sunglasses. I came out with them on and she said 'your a dork!' I looked at her and said 'no i'm and angel' She laughed and said ' Whatever mom.I am!' Man, I love my kids!

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