Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Calling

So I have dreaded the day that the bishop calls me into his office to see if I would have a calling in the ward. I have loved just being able to go to church and relax! Well, one of my good friends in the ward Vanessa, is now the Primary President.. Yeah, you know where this is going! So... I took Oakley into Nursery on Sunday and there was no leaders in there. I usually stay until someone gets there so that Oakley will be okay. I hate leaving the kids in there with no leaders...
One of the Primary Presidency came in to check and see who was in there and low and behold, I get asked to stay.. Yippee! No, it was really okay. I got to play cars with all of the kids! After leaving the Nursery to go and get Harley I get pulled aside and asked about a calling. He said that I had my choice of any(cub scouts, nursery, or a primary teacher). I really didn't care what one. So I told him any. Later that night I get another phone call and Vanessa said that she wanted me to be her assistant. I was like what do you mean assistant!? She said that she is over the Nursery and would like an assistant to take over and clean it up and get things organized and be there if they needed it. I let her know that I could do that. So my calling...... Nursery Advisor! woohoo..
Now I get to help re-organize the Nursery. I have been thinking about this for a couple days, and if any of you have ideas or things that work great in your Nursery, let me know.. I want to hear!


M&M-Maloy said...

YOU will have so much fun... Good luck!!

Tyson & Lauren Davies said...

not really any ideas except singing some of the easy primary songs with the slightly older ones is always fun. they dont care how you sound. Dont forget some treats and they will love you forever.

have fun

Laurel said...

In Luke's class, when he goes and of course I am with him. We go on nature walks around the building and look at the water guards on the lawns. really they love it!!!It takes up about 15 minutes. It's great. Good luck

sheri said...

Yay! I have lots of fun ideas if you want to get together sometime. I was just recently put in as our Nursery Leader and it has been so Fun! Congrats!

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