Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Make up essentials!

Okay, So E-squared, tagged me! Yes that would be Emily Elizabeth! So here goes
My favorite beauty products....

Remember.. This is what i use, WHEN I actually wear makeup!

1. Mary Kay Eyeshadow
I have always wore Mary Kay eyeshadow. I am a big fan of the natural colors. I don't like the big and bold colors....

1.5 Mary Kay Foundation
This is worn in the winter.. when I am pale!

2. Loreal Liquid Eyeliner
Its a toss up between this and Number 2.5 Love em both!

2.5 Mary Kay Charcoal Eyeliner
3. Covergirl Mascara
My best friend! This and Eyeliner, is usually my makeup!

4. Suave skin therapy lotion
Have it sitting on my desk.. use it all the time!

5. O.P.I Nailpolish
IF I paint my nails it is usually this color and brand!
6. Mary Kay self tanning lotion
Another best friend.. Peeps don't know I use it!

7. Bigelow Lip gloss
I have like 7 of these in my purse! Love it!

and last but not least
8. Euphoria purfume
Also in my purse and I wear it daily!

I tag all of you that WEAR makeup and LOVE me!

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Thanks. I hope things are going well for you. Your kids are so cute !

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