Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

Well, I had the kids for Thanksgiving this year. I was very greatful and happy to have them! It is one of my favorite times of the year.. then there is Christmas! But hey, we are in November, so it is Thanksgiving! So our day started out pretty lazy... I did not start getting ready until 11 or 12ish! Yeah, I was supposed to be to my moms house at 12 to get my relish tray done.. now that I think back on it.. I totally forgot to take the carrots! sorry!... So we had dinner at Aunt Debbies house.(in the room that we have all of the family gatherings! thanks Hales') I got to see some family that we don't see as often as I would like. So we had our dinner and then started to play a game.. Ok, the Garbe's are not game players! but this was a blast!(McLane, Ash, Whit, and Colin you so missed out!) We were each given 3 balloons to make a hat... Let me first say that the balloons were a PAIN to blow up and the pumps that we were given were not much help! So we all got our hats made, and told to stand against the wall. We all follow rules, except Oakley, he wanted to run around in front of everyone! So most of you know the game Musical Chairs.. well we kind of played that.... with hats! It was so funny to watch all of the grown men fight for a hat, and Tyson... what the...! He kept on jumping in the pile of balloons and popping them so others could not get one! but in the end, he was the real Winner!.... So.. here are a couple of pictures that I could get with my phone... Erika with a hat made into a neck brace.. she looked so funny walking around with it on.. And Uncle Chris, he was playing with Harley and she put it on him then he fell asleep.. the game must have worn him out!

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