Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Best Friend

Well, since Tuesdays topic was 'My best friend' I thought that I would hurry and post it! I have had a couple days to think about this one.. and you would think it would be the easiest post to do.. BUT it is not.. Most people would say that their best friend would be their spouce.. Yeah, I would say that too... If I had one! =) oh wait, I did.... and then found out he is and was not my best friend. Other people would say that their friend from High school would be their best friend. And others would say that their best friend would be their dog....
Me.. My best friend would have to be my MOM.. need I say more? She is the best person ever... She would do anything for anyone, especially her kids and grandkids....
Then there is Harley.. She is my little 5yr old going on 16! She always wants to have mommy and me time.. and she will get it when she wants! (and when Oakley is down for a nap!) I can not wait till she is older and we can go shopping together.. Oh, wait.. we do that already.. She tells me if something looks good and if it doesn't match!

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