Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am Thankful for.....

I was sitting trying to think of all the things that I am thankful for... I could not just think of one, so here goes! you get them all.. well just some that came to the top of my head..(and Yes, I had to think!)

My kids- if I did not have my kids, where would I be? I would probably be some lonely young lady with no thrill in her life. What would I do without those Cheeto hands and messy diapers... Someone to have a conversation with in the middle of the night (Harley has been talking in her sleep and having full on conversations with me!) I would not be able to hear the little sweet voice at 6am saying 'Momma, Momma'. Without my kids I would not be able to say I am a MOM! Being a mom ROCKS!

Music- I am so thankful for Music in my life! with out it where would we have learned the Turkey song that Harley has been singing for weeks straight. I would not be able to turn my radio up in the car and watch through my rear view mirror Oakley dancing in his carseat! I would not be able to listen to all the different kinds... and yes, I have been listening to some music that I have always said that I would never listen to....

My messy house- Ah, the messy house. I am SO thankful for this... That just means to me that I have a loving family that I spend my time with! If I had a clean house I would not be able to take my kids to the park or read stories to them.(i would be cleaning my house instead of playing with the kiddos!)

Online dating- I am WAY thankful for online dating.. I know it sounds really crazy but I have met some pretty good friends on there! Without the online dating websites, I would have not met my best friend.. Yes, he did move back to Arizona(he says the land of the Gods, But hello! thats Utah!) But as you can tell, I meet alot of pretty cool people on there.. not only the guys, but I have met some girls too that I have become friends with...

The computer-I am thankful for the computer, what did we ever do in the days of Typewriters? Without the computer I would not be able to look at pictures of my family and friends that live far away.. Ah, what a great invention!

Smiles- Smiles are contagious and yes I am way thankful for them! I just wish everyone wore a smile!

Gasoline- I know, I know... Gasoline.. Yes, I am thankful for it.. I know it is way too expensive
but with out it where would we be? We would still be riding on the horse and buggy.. Not my favorite!

The Dollar Store- I dont know about you but I love the Dollar Store and I am way thankful for it.. I would not be able to get half of the stuff that is in my house without that store!
work- Work.. very thankful for it! I would not be able to support my family with out work! Not only a full time job, but work as in service work and helping others. I classify that as work!

Mike- I know..... what am I thinking... But really without Mike.. I would not have learned the lessons that I have and I would not have the most beautiful kids in the world.. I really am thankful for him!

Yams- Yummy! thats all I have to say!

My Large Family- I am so thankful for my family.. Not just my immediate family but my aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparens... I am so thankful that my grandma and grandpa raised 16 children.. without them I would not be able to have the family that I do. I have grown closer to my aunts and uncles than I would have ever dreampt about.. I know that I do not know some of my family as well as I would like, but those christmas parties with everyone is a great and eventful expierence!

Cell phones- what would we ever do with out these? I would not be able to save all the messages that Harley leaves on my phone on a daily basis and listen to them when they are at their dads, because I miss them and need to hear their voices!

Cameras- I am so very thankful for cameras... I would not be able to capture every moment that means alot to me without one.. My friends think that I am crazy because I carry one around at all times.. Heck.. I need the memories for the scrapbooks!

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