Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Terrible Twos

I swear Harley was not like this when she was two! Oakley has been getting in trouble a lot lately and I am about done with it! (okay, maybe not.. he does keep me going!) He has started running away when you tell him that he needs to get in the house, car or come over to you. So yes, He did get put in timeout last night. He was going for a ride with Harley in the wagon and it tipped over, who knows how Harley managed to tip it over with him inside, but it did happen! Well he got out and ran down the street to the neighbors. I told him to get back and he then said No... I grabbed his hand and started to walk back and he curled up his legs.. What a stinker! I then had to pick him up to go into the house, and yes he did get put on time out... He cried for a minute and then said, 'Your Mean Mommy' okay yes it was kind of funny.. But I was trying to be serious and the mom.. and then Nanny had to laugh! How Rude Nanny!


Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Ah, kids that don't mind.....been there done that! And good for you that you do a time out--I hate parents who don't discipline in any way.
He does look sorry though in that last picture!

Tyson & Lauren Davies said...

I love the picture of oakley here crying. You def need to keep your hands on this picture to show off later on when he grows up. what a cutie.

Bill & Ellen Thompson said...

Those are the funniest pictures! It gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing! Way to let him know who's boss! :)

The Hancock Family said...

Oh man, I know EXACTLY what u are talking about! Ryv and Kya are totally different in the way of Ryver being a s**t, and Kya being an angel. She never got in trouble, never hurt herself, was always good & quiet. Not Ryver.. oohh no. He puts the terrible in "terrible twos" and even into the threes. Cute pics..

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