Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scattergories Tag

I have seen this on a couple of people's blogs so I guess I will do it now! I always loved Scattergories and this is kind of a fun version of this game. Rules are: all answers must start with the first letter of your last name.

What is your last name? Carter
4 Letter Word: Cars
Vehicle: Chrysler Crossfire (2 points!)
Boy Name: Christopher Cameron Carter (3 times a charm!)
Girl Name: Caitlyn Camille Carter (3 again!)
Pet Name: Coco
Occupation: Chiropractor
Something You Wear: Capris
Celebrity: Candace Cameron ( 2 again)
Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! (whoa thats 3 more)
Found in Bathroom: Conditioner
Reason for Being Late: Clock stopped
Cartoon Character: Charley Brown
Something You Shout: Crap!
Animal: Chipmunk
Body Part: costal cartilages
Word to Describe You: caring
Something You Like To Do: crazy cartwheels! haha i wish..
Place You'd Like To Be: Carribean

I tag anyone that wants to take the challenge!

1 comment:

Hill said...

Okay, you are good, I'll give you that. C is fairly easy though, all the words I kept coming up with for K really started with a C so I had to improvise.

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