Monday, February 4, 2008

What a nightmare

On Sunday, right as I was getting ready to go to Trent and Em's house for a family Super Bowl Party... I woke Oak up from his nap and he was EXTREMELY hot! I took his temp and it was 104.4 I decided to sit at home with him and take care of my little one...
I did the things that moms do.. Tylenol, cold bath, juice and some TLC.. He fell asleep so I watched the football game..(might I say what a good game!) During half time his temp came back up and he started to have flu like symptoms..
After a few hours of cuddling and trying to clean him up.. His temp went BACK up to 104.5 It was 11:30PM and I decided that I needed to take him to the ER.. Yeah, I can not go to the close hospital in Payson. I had to go to Provo... Yuck and talk about SNOW..
So we got to the E.R. and they took him in, did the normal routine and then we sat there.. FOR 2 HOURS for them to tell me to take him home. His temp went down a Full degree in 2 hours. Well we got home at 3am and little Oakley was wide awake... He did not want to go to sleep!
Here are some pictures of the cute little one in the hospital..
Oak and his baby!

Oakley decided that this was the most comfortable position. He was laying on my leg and stomach!

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Victor & Michelle said...

no fun! Luckily I have only had to deal with a fever once with Kennedi when she got her second set of shots... anyway.. I wonder how accurate these maps are.. where I live never shows up on your map!!??

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