Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Happy!

So... I got my taxes back! Yippee! I am so excited.. Just in time for Vegas! With my taxes I decided I needed to UPGRADE to a new computer.. The computer that I had was a OLD SCHOOL computer!
Yes that is what it really looks like... the old one! I seriously felt like I was using the very first computer ever made.. in the stone age!... Yes, I did get it for dirt cheap and I knew that I only had to have it until I got the taxes back!
I have been doing my research and new exactly what I wanted! On Saturday, I started looking a little more.. I looked into the adds and went to Office Max.. I know.. All the other stores out there and I go there! Don't ask me why, but it was the best deal..
So, now it is a non computer person talking.... I talked to alot of different people and asked them what they would buy. I did research on all of it.. I knew that I needed a 3GB computer, (dont ask me what that is!) So.. looking into the stores.. Office Max had a wonderful deal.. $200 cheaper than Best Buy and Circuit City... So along with the laptop, I got this wonderful.. Wireless printer... I am so excited!
Now I don't need to ask my mom to copy and print off all of the papers that I need done for Lia Sophia!

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Tyson & Lauren Davies said...

thats a cool computer... its got a lot of memory too.

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