Friday, February 22, 2008

SiLLy SocK dAy.....

Harley had SiLLy SocK dAy at school today! She was way excited to be able to wear funny socks. Mom took her to look for some socks to wear and could not find any socks in her size that had prints on them. So they got the bright idea that me being the crafty one, I could sew stuff onto them. Harley and mom went and got stuff to put on her socks. Harley came home with Easter eggs, necklaces, little dragon flies and a puzzle. I decided to cut the necklaces and sew them onto her socks. If you look close her socks are argyle print and then each leg has a couple dragon flies on it as well as the two necklaces! Harley wanted to wear her brown knee high boots today, I told her that no one would be able to see her socks if she wore them. So she put on her clogs. (that is what the fur is at her ankles!)

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Ben, Shari, and Lilli said...

those are really cute!! I wish I could wear socks like that!!!!

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