Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oak's Pre-school Program

Oakley's Preschool class had a Christmas Program last week. They went to the Assisted Living Center in Spanish Fork. Oakley was so excited to be able to sing his songs for Nanny and the rest of us! Then the time came and he was to go and sing... The tears started coming! He sat in the back and cried. DID not sing a single song or participate in anything. I thought it was actually kind of funny. But he didn't!
Here are all the Rudolf's except for little Oak!
I caught a picture of him trying not to smile... What a stinker!
So besides Oakley not singing at all, there was a BOY and a GIRL that were fighting most the time. We could not stop laughing! It was so cute and funny... The girl must not have wanted to be by the boy or have him even sing.. She kept on hitting him and pushing him away. The teacher would move her more to the left, and she would go right back to him and hit him.. Oh the joys!
Then there was my niece Erika.. She was so cute. They got to hand out a card and a candy cane to the residents. Erika gave it to this little lady and she gave her a big hug, then the lady gave her a kiss. It was so cute! (Yes, Oakley would not give a card to anyone, he wanted it for himself)

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