Sunday, December 19, 2010

New obsession!

A few weeks ago, one of the girls that I work with was telling me about this blog that she found. I had to go to it and see for myself! I shouldn't have! I find myself going there to find different things to my house, and things to make for my kids! It is my new addiction! She does step by step tutorials on how to make and alter clothing, re-purpose clothes, make different things for your home, things for baby... She also has recipes and a cake series.
I even showed Adam the blog and told him that I wanted to do a few different things at our house. So the blog that I go to is called She does some amazing things! Here are some of the things that I want to do while I am off on Maternity leave!

Make a new shower curtain for our bathroom. The one that we have right now, is from when the kids and I lived in our own house in Spanish Fork.. Umm lets say forever ago!

Another project that I am going to do is...
Make my room over! We wanted to refinish the headboard.. make it black and then I am going to make new pillows and curtains! I love what she did to her room, and have inspiration! The red pillow on the bed is made out of a SWEATER... yes I said a sweater! I have a gray one that I am going to use, and make one for myself!
Our bedroom needs new curtains! We are using the ones that came with the house, so what they are like 50 yrs old!
I also want to make my living room more my house that a rented room! I love pictures, and think that I am going to do something like this... I have a MILLION frames in my garage from over the years, and I am going to have some fun!
Yes, I know it is alot! I may be working my whole maternity leave to do what I want... Good thing I know how to sew! I will keep you all posted on how my journey is doing!

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