Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Party

I planned a surprise party for Harley. It was fun to be sitting outside playing when her friends started showing up! She did not know what was going on. We only invited a couple friends from her class and they had a blast. We went to the beauty school and let them get made up! They had so much fun... After that we came home got dressed up and then took some pictures. I had to laugh at how funny kindegarteners are!

this last picture was so funny, I was getting drinks for our dinner, and a Tim McGraw song came on and Trinity and Harley started singing it.. Kiki did not know what to think... The only way I could get a pic of them singing was through my mirror... Enjoy!


sissyann said...

So cute!!!! What a great idea for a birthday party. :)

Greg.Bre said...

What a fun party idea. I'm sure they loved it! Haha, they look so cute with their makeup!

Cute, cute!

Chris & Jamie said...

Hey Tiffany!
Your kids are so dang cute! What a fun birthday party idea, I might have to steal it when Skyla gets a little older:)

The Smiths said...

Wow - 6 years! I remember her in the womb!!! It's scary how fast time flies.

Shauna said...

How fun! She is a total Q-T :)

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