Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeding the Ducks...

I decided to take the kids to feed the ducks, since it was my early day off work... Yeah, what an experience... See those trees on the right hand side of the first picture... We walked to them, we sunk in the grass, it was so stinking wet and gross... We got to the trees and pulled out our bread, and all the ducks and geese decided that they wanted to be right by us.. they were hissing at the kids, because they were not getting bread fast enough... I decided to talk back to the car and take our drinks back, Yes.. We all had drinks, so I was carrying bread, drinks and Oak and holding Harley's hand... What an experience. I got to the car and turned around, and this is what we saw..(FIRST PIC). The kids did not want to go, so we decided to battle it again.. The geese were taking bread right out of our hands..


Victor & Michelle said...

I am SOO afraid of geese.. it all goes back to the time when mom, christie and I were feeding some when we were younger.. one started chasing me and attacked me! Gave me a bruise on my bum.. true story! To this day, I steer clear of Geese!

sissyann said...

How much fun!!!! I bet the kids had a great time :)

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