Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend in Sunny St. George!

Ha, it rained... Okay I was raining a little bit.. We went down to Granny and Grandpa's house in St. George. It was a weekend of vegging. It was pretty uneventful but way worth it. I went with Trent and Emily to In and Out, while the rest of them, ate ham sandwiches... They so missed out! After a TASTY Lunch, we went to the children's place and came out with a bargain! I got the kids a ton of clothes for $40 bucks! I love the outlet down there! We then took the kids swimming at John's pool, and the kids enjoyed it SOO much! Today, we made signs for the house, cause Ty is coming home tonight! Yay! On our way home, we were driving and a truck pulling a 5th wheel horse/camping trailor, blew a tire and almost hit us. It was a close call.. We pulled over to help them and come to find out, it was some girls from Spanish Fork.. Here is a picture of the tire. (yes I was texting and had to take a picture!)


Tiffany Moore said...

Wow that would have sucked. I would have had to cook breakfast for the guys by myself. I am glad that you had a great time and that you got a bargin at Childrens place. Talk to you tomorrow.

Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

glad you had fun in st george! and that you guys got home safely.

Shauna said...

How awesome a weekend of vegging :)

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