Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pirate Island Pizza

Thursday was Harleys 7th Birthday, we always do a family dinner for the Birthday person.. This year, Harley had talked about going to Pirate Island and having it there. I told her that we didnt have the money to do it, and we would go another time. So she sat home on Thursday after school and got things (cups and games) ready for everyone to play when they came over. I told her that we needed to go and pick up Adam and then run to Costco to get some stuff before everyone got to the house. She totally fell for it! We pulled into the Costco parking lot and she asked if that was Pirate Island.. I told her to read the sign and let me know what she thought. She then saw Nanny and Papa's truck along with Trent and Emilys car. She then got a HUGE smile on her face and said, thank you mom and Adam.. So we got into the place and it was amazing. I loved it! We did have a fun time. The service was okay, there were a few people that I could have done with out (some girl that wouldnt leave the kids alone and a crazy guy....). But other than that the kids AND adults had a blast! So sorry for the picture over load, but we had a great time!

Harley smiling for the camera! She was so excited.
Everyone playing the shooting game. Even the little ones loved this game.

Harley on the motorcycle, she did so good... Drove Perfect!
Oak's turn.. He loved it!
Getting ready to eat PIZZA!
Happy Birthday from the Pirates!
Our waiter and Harley
Oak and Erika
The cake.... It was going to be a Barbie cake but it fell apart.. Then I made this one and decorated it just as Harley told me to! And we got to Pirate Island and the tinfoil on top took the frosting off... Oh well, didnt look so pretty, but tasted yummy!
Blowing out the candles
Oak and Erika had to each have a turn blowing out the candle.

Thanks to Trent and Emily, Erika and Lexi, Mom and Dad, and Adam and Oak for making Harleys day special.

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Trent & Emily Davies said...

I love that Oakley and Adam are the only ones who kept their pirate hats on the whole time...what troopers!!

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