Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow day...

Today.. what the heck! I got up and went out to my car to start it... Yes, I was wearing flip flops.. because if you know me well.. thats all I wear.. Snow or not! So I get outside and was like dang, I have to wear shoes! Here are some pictures of what it looked like.. I can not believe how much.. and to top it off.. It took me an HOUR to get to work!

Yeah, this picture is the backyard and the front of my car... I would have to say we got a good 8 inches.. and I keep on thinking.. Why do I live in UTAH!? It makes me wonder why we have to work on days like this... people in other states close down because it snows an SKIFF! yes a skiff... why do we have to go! =)

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senses said...

Snows!... How I wish we have them at our place. But reading your blog it seems that you have a little hesitation why you are living at UTAH... hmmn. have a great day :)

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