Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elk vs. Truck....

So, last night when I got home from work. Dad and I went up the canyon to shoot targets. Yes, I have my test on Saturday to pass hunters safety. I actually did pretty well. On my Squirrel target which you have to be laying down or in the Prone position, I got 5 in the 'Kill' zone. On my Rabbit target which you have to be sitting or kneeling down, I got 4 in the 'kill' zone.. and on my first target which is the target below I did pretty well... You have to be standing up and shooting. This is by far the hardest way to shoot. I did pretty well. I got 5 in the center 2 circles and the rest just above!

Anyways, to get to the rest of my night. We were driving down HWY 6.. and if you know this HWY it is Bad... I actually hate driving it in the dark. Well we were coming down the canyon and noticed that we were coming to a stop. Traffic was going one car at a time. We got a little closer and noticed that there was a bull elk. Not one just like this but close... the antlers were just coming in... BUT it was HUGE! ok, so it was on the ground.. and then there was a truck facing us in our lane and the whole front end was smashed in.. When we got there, the guy was directing traffic and the kid was still in a little bit of shock that they had just hit an elk... Not one person stopped to help, they just kept on passing and looking....

The guy and kid in the truck were okay. We got out to help them get their truck off of the side of the road and the elk. Talk about trying to direct traffic in the dark and on a 'S' curve... Not so fun.. Especially when diesels are coming around the corner and basically have to come to a stop... Needless to say, Dad and I did our good deed for the day!

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