Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's... 2008

I know it has been awhile since I have posted a blog!
Alright, on New Years Eve we went to Trent and Emily's house for dinner and some movies.. Erika was so excited to see Harley and Oakley is was funny.. She would sit and scream and giggle like she had not seen them in YEARS! okay.. yeah it was a long time for the little tykes! I mean like 2 weeks...Emily made the best dinner.. I don't know exactly what it was called but basically, Calzone! but way fancy! then it was movie time! So, we were watching a movie, Evan Almighty with the kids and they decided that they would lay down.. Here is one of the few seconds that they actually laid down and were quiet.. and when I say a few seconds, I mean 2.3 seconds! They were playing with all of Erika's toys and could not get enough of each other.. After Evan Almighty was over the kids laid down while the adults played the game of LIFE!

After we left at like 11pm because you know that is WAY past my kids' bedtime and yes they were still awake.. We got home and Oakley went right to his room and fell asleep... Harley on the other hand, was milking the whole staying up past my bedtime.. and wanted to watch Bridge to Terabithia.. She watched the whole show starting at about 11:30 and was still wide awake.. Me.. I had to go to bed! I told her that she needed to go to sleep and turn off the tv when she was ready.. Holy cow she stayed up till like 3.. and was up bright and early at 9 the next morning....
On New Years Day we had a family party.. It was so fun, we played Pictionary and got LAME i mean LAME prizes.. I guess that is why they call it a 'White Elephant Gift'.... But hey, we did have fun!


Victor & Michelle said...

FYI.. Trisha cried in the Bridge to Terabithia.. ha.. don't tell her I told you!

PICTIONARY!!?? I'm kinda glad that we don't make it down then.. that game makes me embarressed!

Hope you feel better!

senses said...

Cute kids! :)

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